Read the Instructions for Establishment of Computer Applications, Business Accounting And Multilingual DTP Centre
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I. 1 (i). Under the Scheme of "Computer Applications and Multilingual DTP (CABA-MDTP) Centres", computer centres are established in collaboration with educational institutions recogonised by the Central or State Government and having a provision of teaching of Urdu language atleast upto X standard and have minimum three years old registration.
1 (ii). Registered NGOs/Institutions applied from Minority concentrated districts, educationally backward areas, Urdu speaking areas, not having provision of teaching of Urdu upto X standard but are engaged in educational activities and promotion of Urdu language may be considered for establishment of CABA-MDTP Centre.
2. Proposals from NGOs satisfactorily running NCPUL Urdu Diploma Course, Arabic Courses or Calligraphy & Graphic Design Training Course (CGOC) for at least two years will also be considered.
3. NGO/lnstitution should be engaged in educational activities for at least three years.
4. NGO/lnstitution should have bonafide track record competence and ability.
5. NGO/lnstitution should be free from any corrupt practices and have capabilities to enforce conditions attached to the Scheme.
6. The accounts of the NGO/Institution will be opened to the audit of the NCPUL.
7. NGO/Institution must not be situated in the radius of 5 K.M. of other existing CABA-MDTP Centre of NCPUL.
8. The applicant NGO/Institution has to register on the website before appling under the scheme.
II. Information required with application form:
1. Is NGO registered on Planning Commission Govt. of India website If yes, give registration number.
2. Whether the centre is located in the Minority Concentrated District?
3. What is the literacy rate in the Area and is it educationally backward?
4. Is the centre will be establishment in Border Area that J&K and North East?
5. Is the centre will be establishment in the Rural or Urban area?
6. Is the NGO running recognized school with teaching of Urdu Language at least up to X standard or equivalent?
7. Is the NGO working for upliftment of girls/women/handicapped ?
8. Is the NGO obtaining Grant-in-Aid from any other Govt./Non-Govt. Organization for similar scheme?
9. Does the NGO meets all the norms of NCPUL for establishment of CABA-MDTP Centre?
III. Inspection fee:
  An Inspection fee of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand on Iy) Shall be charged from the organizations which are short listed for Inspection. However in case the NGO is not sanctioned the CABA-MDTP Centre, the Inspection fee shall not be refunded.
IV. Infrastructure facilities to be provided by educational intuitions:
  Should meet the criteria for accreditation of 'O' level course. At least 100 Sqr. Meters space for computer centre comprising of one room size atleast l5"x12" (computer lab) another room of same size for Class room and third room of size atleast 10"x12" for Supervisor's office and Library. In addition need proper and adequate washroom facilities for girls and boys.
V. Computer Lab:
1. Eight to ten computer tables for eight computers and two printers.
2. At least 20 to 25 computer chairs.
3. Venyle flooring and false ceiling.
4. One Generator of 5 KVA as stand by power service.
5. At least one Air-Conditioner (A.C.) of two tones.
VI. Internet
  Educational Institutions/NGOs must have Internet facility at the place of establishment of Computer Centre.
VII. Class Room:
1. Tables and chairs or writing chairs for at least 40 students.
2. Table for instructor.
3. White Board.
VIII. Reception, Supervisor's Office and Library:
1. Table with at least four or five chairs.
2. Two steel almirahs - one for keeping office record and second for library books.
3. Proper light arrangement in computer lab and class room and office.
4. Sign board to be placed at proper place.
  Sign Board
5. Two Telephone connections (one for Internet and one for Official use).
a) No. of Seats:    40 in each session (i.e. January and July).
b) Fee:                  Monthly fee charged @ Rs. 250/- p.m. per student (Rs. 500/- p.m. in State Capital).
c) Corpus Fund:   The collected fee will be deposited in the bank account and will constitute the corpus fund, which will be utilized for the upgradation of the facilities and for such expenditure as approved by the Council. The amount must be deposited in separate savings Bank Account opened for the "Computer Applications, Business Accounting and Multilingual DTP'' (CABA-MDTP) centre.
  Registration for Diploma in Urdu Language:
1. Every Computer Centre will necessarily be an Urdu Study Centre for "One Year Diploma in Urdu Language". Passing in Urdu Diploma is compulsory.
2. Registration Fee: The centre will be required to pay the following registration fee per student at the time of admission.
  1.  Fee for Admission form/prospectus                   Rs. 10/-
  2.  Fee for one year Diploma in Urdu Language       Rs.200/-
  3.  Examination fee                                                  Rs.330/-
  4.  One year subscription charge to Urdu Duniya      Rs.150/-
As such one time fee of Rs.690/- per student will be collected by the centre at the time of admission, and will be payable to NCPUL at the commencement of the session in the shape of DO in favour of Director, NCPUL payable at New Delhi, failing which the first installment of grant shall not be released.
  How to Apply:
  The applicant NGO fulfilling the above criteria has to register on the NCPUL's web portal after registration on Government NGO portal
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